• Replacement for Kingston
  • Mid flowering perennial ryegrass
  • Strong performer in the Australian persistence market
  • Performs extremely well in low fertility areas and marginal country
  • Good rust resistance levels
  • Densely tillered


KINGSGATE is Agricom's new persistent perennial ryegrass. It is a mid-heading type and a replacement for Kingston. KINGSGATE is a diploid perennial, showing excellent persistence and densely tillered providing excellent ground cover. KINGSGATE has improved rust tolerance over Kingston and has excellent low after math heading, a trait not common in early and mid-heading perennial ryegrasses. KINGSGATE comes in standard endophyte and is best suited to sheep and beef grazing areas.

Product Specifications

Ploidy: Diploid
Heading Date: Mid (-3)
Endophyte options: Standard endophyte
Sowing rate: 15-20 kg/ha
When to sow: Autumn
Prime growing times: Winter and spring
Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing
Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Relish red clover