About Agricom

Farmers face many challenges in today’s competitive agricultural environment including unique climatic conditions, varying soil types and seasonal feed requirements.

Our objective is to provide customers with cultivars which can be matched to their specific farming system throughout these temperate areas.

The significant contribution of pastures to a successful, financially sound farming economy is reflected by the level of science and research which goes into the breeding and evaluation of Agricom cultivars. Agricoms breeding facility is based in Christchurch, New Zealand with extensive off-site evaluation programmes throughout Australia. This extensive research, breeding and evaluation provides farmers access to cultivars with beneficial advances in pest and disease tolerance, making for better persistence, productivity and reliable animal performance.

Agricom offers a full range of temperate pasture species of grasses, clovers, herbs and brassicas as well as a range of ryegrass and tall fescue endophyte options.

Agricom products are available through all reputable seed suppliers throughout Australia and technical advice is provided by our distributors - Stephen Pasture Seeds, AusWest Seeds and Smyth Seeds agronomists.